Intermittent Figuration

I have always wanted to be good at transferring what I see to paper.  I try to draw and paint every day, especially on trips when I am away from home. The outburst of coffee shops in every street tells me that people feel comfortable when they drink coffee and talk, laugh and settle problems out of their homes. I also enjoy coffee the same way. This is my biggest inspiration. But I also like to draw and paint roofs of houses, old architecture, animals, flowers, and birds perching on church towers. I usually spend my summers on the Adriatic coast, so I draw and paint the sea and boats, palm trees and agaves. Whenever I go into town for a coffee or a walk, I carry my art accessories with me. I particularly like drawing or painting with black pastel, ink, gouache, and watercolors. To me, watercolors are the most difficult medium. When transferring what I see to paper, I choose smaller formats that fit into a backpack.

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